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Please click HERE to be directed to the new Big Walnut Music Booster web site!

The Big Walnut Music and Marching Boosters is a group of dedicated parents, relatives, and friends of students involved in the Big Walnut Music Department.  Members of this organization work to support students in grades 7-12 that are involved in all aspects of the music program.

Beth Kidwell
First Vice President
Carrie Gray
2nd Vice President
Lori Mills
Traci Nelson
Julie Cummins
Chris Bailey
Mary Pisano
David Nelson
Jim Bailey
2017-18 Booster Officers

How to become a member:

Please visit our website:


Or email:


We wish to extend a sincere THANK YOU to the dedicated members of the Big Walnut Music Boosters for their continued support of the music students of Big Walnut High School!  Whether it was working on our additional equipment bus, driving students to zero period choir at the crack of dawn, driving the equipment buses to games or contests, sewing color guard flags, attending and enjoying a choir and band concert in the auditorium, repairing choir dresses, fitting students for choir and concert band uniforms, hemming tux pants for choir and band members, serving as music advocates in our community, lining up volunteers for our fundraisers, loading or unloading band equipment, hauling the pit trailer to events, attending our annual Jazz Show, collecting items for our Jazz Silent Auction, assisting with pit equipment, attending OMEA District or State Finals contests to support our choir and band members, sitting in the football stands to cheer for our musicians, photographing our students during performances, assisting with press releases through photographs and articles, attending music booster meetings, chaperoning buses, fitting or hemming marching uniforms, serving as a music booster officer, coordinating the Flea Market fundraiser, working at the annual Memorial Day Flea Market, passing out or collecting marching uniforms, coordinating the hospitality tent for visiting bands, washing muddy marching band pants, helping at our Flea Market fundraiser......the list is endless!!!!!!

For all those hectic times when you got out the door before we could say something to you...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!