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Future Important Dates!

(Remember, attendance at performances is a large part of your grade!)

Aug. 25
Football Game at Johnstown

Sept. 1
Football Game Home vs. Kilbourne

Sept. 4
Labor Day Performance on the Square, 10:00 am

Sept. 7 (Thurs. Night)
Football Game at Scioto


Join the Big Walnut Band Remind…..text bigwalnutb to the number 81010 to be included in important announcements, reminders, etc.

Page last updated: Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017

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Contact Information!!!!

If you need to contact Mr. Porter, please do so via EMAIL at  CraigPorter@bwls.net.

This is the best way to contact me.  

My cell phone is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY!


F a l l P e r f o r m a n c e D a t e s f o r

“ T h e P r i d e o f B i g W a l n u t ”

S a t . , D e c . 4        C h r i s t m a s o n t h e S q u a r e P a r a d e

Football Game at Johnstown

Friday, Aug. 25

5:45 pm   Report to BWHS in summer uniform

6:15 pm   Depart for Johnstown

7:30 pm   Kickoff!

10:30 pm Back at BWHS (have a ride here!)

Summer uniform:  black BW band shorts, gray 2017 BW band shirt, tennis shoes  (Mr. Porter has band shorts and shirts available if you didn’t already get one!)

Note:  Everyone rides the bus to the game and stays for the entire game.  If you want to go home with your parents afterwards, they must sign you out on the clipboard located on the front of the equipment bus.  This is the procedure at EVERY away music performance.

Labor Day Performance!

Monday, Sept. 4, 2017

9:45 am  Report to the square in summer uniform

10:00     Performance!

10:30     Finished

Reminder:  All performances are part of your grade!

Early Band Schedule!

“Early Band” is every Tuesday and Wednesday morning beginning at 7:00 am.

Rehearsal BEGINS at 7:05 am

(meaning you need to arrive before then!)

Students that are also in zero period choir should plan on going to choir unless told otherwise.

Always check the sign in the hall for whether rehearsal will be inside or outside and for which section will be helping the front ensemble.