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Future Important Dates!

(Remember, attendance at performances is a large part of your grade!)

March 10, 2017
Choir Contest at Centerburg
(check www.bwhsvocalmusic.org for info)

March 11, 2017
Band Contest at Centerburg

Page last updated: Tues., March 7, 2017

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Contact Information!!!!

If you need to contact Mr. Porter, please do so via EMAIL at  CraigPorter@bwls.net.

This is the best way to contact me.  

My cell phone is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY!


F a l l P e r f o r m a n c e D a t e s f o r

“ T h e P r i d e o f B i g W a l n u t ”

S a t . , D e c . 4        C h r i s t m a s o n t h e S q u a r e P a r a d e

OMEA District 10 Band Contest!

Saturday, March 11, 2017
Centerburg HS

7:00 am       Concert Band arrive at BWHS

7:15 am        Depart for Centerburg

8:30 am       Concert Band Performance

9:45 am        Wind Ensemble arrive at BWHS

10:00 am      Concert Band back at BWHS

10:00 am      Wind Ensemble depart BWHS

11:15 am    Wind Ensemble Performance

12:30 pm    Wind Ensemble back at BWHS

We always LOVE having a large, appreciative crowd for our students to play for!  Please consider coming to Centerburg to hear our students perform!

NOTE:  No audio or visual recordings allowed or any photography of any kind.  Failure to comply will result in our groups immediately being disqualified!